What is SIRIUS?

SIRIUS is a water treatment plant working on the principle of two-stage separation. The first stage is managed by a pulsator clarifier; the second stage involves filtration.
1st separation stage – coagulation, flocculation, separation
2nd separation stage – filtration, oxidization, disinfection


Sirius comprises the following technological features

1. Filter for larger contaminants
2. Dispensing chemical solutions
3. Pulsator clarifier
4. Storage tankr
5. Pump
6. Filtr
7. Disinfection equipment
8. Control unit

The heart of the plant is the pulsator clarifier

  • the pulsator clarifier is the device that continuously separates suspended solids from the liquid medium in the floating sludge bed – sludge blanket;
  • separation of the suspension is carried out simultaneously with the flocculation and subsequent transport to the stabilized sludge blanket, which acts as a fluid filter layer;
  • excess sludge from the sludge blanket surface is removed by overflow into the sludge pockets.

What makes SIRIUS so unique?

converts surface and ground water into drinking water

Tremendous performance ranging from 2.5 -100 m³ per hour

Space-saving design

Low running costs

great potential investment thanks to price/performance ratio

Fully automated operation

Minimal readying of land for construction

SIRIUS and its application

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Financing options

We can provide financing in the form of:


  • Long-term leasing

  • Grants

  • Financial leasing

  • Loans